What is your energy level? Check it yourself!

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NRGY app

The first app in the world that measures your energy by means of a combination of tests. The app uses the latest techniques in the area of Facial Recognition & Heart Rate Variability in order to determine your energy. Do you know your energy level? NRGY aims to help you gain insight into your own energy and to provide advice on improving your energy level.


How does NRGY work? The test can be taken on your smartphone through a clever calculation formula and a combination of three sub-tests. Measuring is knowledge! And the more you measure, the more you learn about yourself.

How does it work?

You can use the NRGY app to monitor your physical, emotional and mental energy levels. You learn more about yourself through measuring more often. What gives me energy and what costs me energy? At what times of the day or week do I have the most energy? You can also use tips to get started with increasing your energy level.

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Your energy levels

Energy management

Life has become busier and faster in recent decades. People are constantly accessible via smartphones, and the separation between work and private life is less clear. This has a big impact on your physical, mental and emotional condition. This may cause you to be less involved and less focused, that you feel tired, stressed and overwrought, and that you are less productive. In order to regain a healthy energy balance, you need insight into your energy levels.

Physical energy

Physical energy is the strength and vitality in your body that you need to accomplish tasks. Exercise has a lot of influence on your physical capacity.

Emotional energy

The quality of your energy is determined by the emotional ‘charge’. This emotional charge depends on various complex processes that regulate your emotions (e.g. self-esteem, coping strategies and social resilience). Emotional charge is expressed as ‘mood’: how do you feel now?

Mental energy

Mental energy consists of several aspects; the most important of which is concentration. It’s about the skills you need in order to concentrate on a task for long periods.

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NRGY for Business. NRGY Pro can also be used to measure business energy at group level or as an internal ‘challenge’. Pro gives users more insight into energy, but it mainly helps companies excel even more together with the employees. In short, would you like a special NRGY Group for your company? Request a Pro account for your business.

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The NRGY app is a product of the ONVZ Vitality Lab. The Lab developed the concept together with Lifeguard. In creating the app, ONVZ Vitality Lab collaborated with various other parties and experts from the scientific and corporate worlds.

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